5 Blogs that will change your life forever [for photographers]

I’ve had a few people who have come into my life recently who are just beginning their photographic journey. Right now, I am nearing the third year anniversary of buying my first DSLR. Since then I have learned so much and I love sharing that knowledge with fellow photographers, especially those just starting out.

I love lists. A lot. So much, that for Christmas, my husband bought me a journal and fancy pen (plus, some post-its for better organization) specifically for my lists. I love all kinds of lists. Pros/Cons lists, Ideas lists, To-Do lists. But most of all, I LOVE Top 5 lists! I have a Top 5 for everything. My Top 5 Favorite Movies, Top 5 Favorite Bands, Top 5 Favorite Songs to listen to when I’m in a bad mood. I think it all started after I read High Fidelity when I was in high school.

SO. I’ve compiled a list for my Top 5 Blogs That Will Change Your Life Forever. Discovering these blogs really shaped my photographic journey and helped me discover the kind of photographer I want to be…and I hope they can help at least one person who is just starting out!

1. Jasmine Star
Say what you will about J*, but even the haters have to admit that this girl definitely knows how to inspire! She has a lot of really great info for photographers on her blog. She does a segment now and then called “Shooting Star” that is aimed specifically towards photographers and includes FAQ, tips on marketing, business, pretty much everything you need! I remember when I found her for the first time, I spent about 3 hours on her blog!

2. Melissa Jill
Okay. I don’t remember how I found out about her, but as soon as I came across her blog, I INSTANTLY liked her. Melissa is constantly making posts specifically for helping out photographers. Her Flash Series changed the way I saw light. Seriously! She explains (in great detail) how she uses flash at weddings…both on and off-camera. She breaks it down into a 13-part series. DEFINITELY worth the read!

3. A Beautiful Mess
This blog is NOT just for photographers! Elsie Larson has tons of really awesome DIY projects, outfit ideas, recipes, along with excellent advice for small business owners & bloggers. In fact, she is what inspired me to make this post!

4. Strobist
One of the first things I wanted to learn when I started on my photographic journey was how to use off-camera flash. I think it is SO important for photographers to learn to use all kinds of different lighting. You can’t always rely on the sun! The Strobist blog helped teach me to use OCF in a way that I understood. I am a very visual learner and this blog has tons of pictures and links that were easy for me to follow. Check it out if you want to learn how to use OCF!

5. Tofurious
Lawrence Chan is seriously the master. He puts out so many great business & marketing advice for photographers. He has an e-book all about pricing strategies that work…plus, it’s a fun read! He’s a really silly guy and he LOVES lists, too!

Hopefully some of you have found this post helpful! And maybe I’ll post more lists in the future, if you guys like it! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m stuck at home without my husband all weekend, which means it’s indoor crafting time with the kids! 😀

  • Lauren - Great list, Alyssa! Congrats on your 3-year DSLR anniversary too! And I’d love to see your top 5 favorite movies list! :) xoxoReplyCancel

  • Julia Beckmann - Love all of these Alyssa! I’m so excited to check out the Strobist site! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • JC Guzman - Love the post!!! I really appreciate all the advise you have shared with us over this last year. Very open and you didn’t make us feel uncomfortable about asking our Newb questions! Love jasmine stars tutorials and blog also! Great post! ThanksReplyCancel

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