Boudoir session with Cassie | SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills

When Cassie told me she was going to get a nice room for our session, I did NOT think she meant the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Then again, as beautiful and photogenic as this girl is, I bet she could have made a Motel 6 look good! I was so impressed with how comfortable Cassie was in front of the camera. This girl is FIERCE!

I’m starting to really love boudoir photography. Cassie and I laughed about how much it felt like we were playing dress up except now we’re not little girls; we are women with busy lives and often don’t have the time or energy to  have fun and feel sexy. I mean, seriously…I’ve been in my pajamas all day, and I probably have baby spit up in my hair. (Is that TMI? Sorry.)

I am really excited about these photos, and I can’t wait to do more boudoir sessions!

One last thing, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sister, Jessica! Thank you for being such a great Tita to my babies. We love you so much!

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