Last Saturday, Camarillo Ranch teamed up with Party Pleasers and Camarillo Bridal to host their second annual bridal showcase. This historic venue is definitely one of the prettiest in Ventura County (if you ask me…) and I am so happy I could be a part of it!

This was actually my very first bridal show and I’m really glad I picked this one. Obviously the venue is fantastic, but everything was SO well organized and there were so many amazing vendors involved. The turn out was really great, too. I was totally not expecting so many people!

I started planning my booth early on and I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted it to look. First of all, I knew I wanted a pallet wall. Pallets are cheap (or in my case, free), and the construction looked like it would be fairly easy to do. Not that I know anything about building anything. Lucky for me, my mom was a carpenter/builder extraordinaire in another life and came up with a way to make the wall not fall down and kill everyone (which was especially awesome because it was a windy day).

All in all, I probably spend about $900 on everything (which includes the cost of the space) which I know sounds like a lot, but I easily made up the cost by booking brides. If you’re thinking about doing one, I definitely recommend scouring thrift stores! I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, but since I was trying to work on a budget, I knew I had to make do with what I could find. I went thrifting almost every weekend, and sometimes twice a week. I did buy a couple things from Target (that gorgeous rose gold fruit basket and gold frame) and the bar cart is from Ikea. But that cute rolling coffee table? $12 at a thrift store. The wire basket? $4 (and I was totally going to buy this one from CB2). That amazing typewriter (that works perfectly)? $20. All the frames (aside from the gold one) were thrifted.

Of course, I couldn’t have done it without help.

– My mom and brother. Not only did my mom figure out how to build everything, but she and my brother came all the way to Camarillo the day of the show to help me build everything.

– My friend Roxanne for showing me all the best thrift stores in Apple Valley.

Jenn Sanchez, who helped me with all the beautiful greenery.

Glitz Event Design Studio for offering to style the engagement session I gave away.

Emily for letting me borrow that chair she bought from Pretty Vintage Table.

– Ian, for helping me not go crazy.

Tessa, for coming out to help me and standing in the middle of the walkway with my KISS leather album and asking everyone who walked by if they needed a wedding photographer.

Catrina, for doing that, too + taking the lion’s share of these photos.

Camarillo Ranch, Party Pleasers, and Camarillo Bridal for putting the entire show together, and all the brides who stopped by my booth and booked with me. It was definitely a successful day!

My advice to anyone thinking of doing a bridal show: get tons of help and make sure you have enough business cards. I totally ran out towards the end of the day. 🙁

And now, the photos._AP_1946_AP_1947DSC_0825DSC_0828DSC_0833DSC_0839DSC_0841DSC_0842DSC_0848DSC_0851DSC_0855DSC_0857DSC_0858DSC_0882

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