Family Day at Marina Park

We had a fun little family day last weekend. Marina Park in Ventura is one of the coolest places ever. It’s usually packed every time we go, but it was empty when we went and Mal had a BLAST!

The park is right on the beach, so after playing in the playground we headed for the ocean. Mal has never liked the ocean before, so we didn’t expect him to play. But this time he DID and he had so much fun!

I totally had a “mom moment” while watching him play. I can’t believe he’s turning THREE in two months! I don’t want to believe it. He looked like such a big boy running out to the water. I almost cried!

The day ended with my little man losing his footing and totally face planting into the wet sand. He was drenched and immediately started crying and running for his mommy and daddy. It was sort of bittersweet, honestly. I was just thinking about how big he is getting…but it’s okay because he still needs mommy and daddy to kiss his owwies, and hold him when he gets hurt!

Thanks for the fun day, my sweet little boy!

Oh, and Leia was there, too but she was sleeping like an angel! Don’t worry, you’ll see more pictures of her soon. Can you believe she’s already 9 months and walking like a pro?! Because I can’t!

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