Happy birthday, baby

“They grow up so fast!”

I’ve heard adults say things like that my whole life, and now I know how true that statement is!

My little Malakai turned three yesterday and as much as it breaks my heart to admit, it’s going by WAY too fast! I know it’s cliché and everything, but it really does seem like just yesterday that he was still my teeny tiny baby. Now I see this handsome, smart, and independent little BOY…and as proud as I am at how he is turning out, I’m still really sad that it’s flying by so fast!

One of my favorite photographers, Amelia Lyon, always does a list of facts about her children on their birthdays…and I just have to do one too! I never never never want to forget Malakai at this age!

1. He LOVES Star Wars. He often talks about “Dart Dader” and LOVES playing with his lightsabers. In fact, when we went to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago, he was the only kid who cheered for Darth Vader during the Jedi Training Academy, hahaha!

2. His go-to conversation starter is, “So, I checked the mail last night!”. No idea why! But it’s adorable.

3. He loves chicken and broccoli. He talks about eating them all the time. Sometimes when he is asked what he wants for breakfast, he’ll respond with, “Umm, just chicken”.

4. He is extremely talkative just like his mama.

5. He loves painting and drawing.

6. He loves music! How could he not, with me and Ian as parents, right? Some of his favorite songs are: Redemption Song, Hey Jude, Dance Magic Dance, Under Pressure, and All Together Now. He will actually sing along when he hears them!

7. He loves guitar. And he loves to sing. Just like mama!

8. He is a HAM! He is rarely ever shy. Whenever we go out, he’ll wave and say hi to everyone. He loves attention.

9. He loves books. We read to him every night before bed. Right now, his favorite is Hop on Pop.

10. His favorite movies are Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story, and Labyrinth.

11. He’s really good with computers. He already knows how to navigate himself to all of his websites. NOTE: Parents, check out Starfall and Zoodles! They are (free!) educational websites and they are fantastic! Mal has learned so much from them!

12. He is a very good big brother, even though he and Leia get into it sometimes haha. He is getting better at sharing with her. Also, he doesn’t call her Leia. He refers to her as “Baby”.

13. We recently spent three days at Disneyland with my sister-in-law and her husband and two kids. It was the best trip ever (even during the stressful parts!) and I never wanted to leave! Mal absolutely loved it. It was amazing. I truly think that once you grow up, the only way to recreate the Disney magic you may have felt as a child is to take your own children. I can’t tell you how many times I cried! Watching the kids experience that magic made everything worth it. We can’t wait to get back! Once Leia gets a little older, we will probably get passes. We loved it so much and Mal IS STILL talking about Disneyland every day! He says his favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride (“I wanna shoot!”), but truth be told, he was really scared of it and he would only ride it once! Haha. It definitely made an impression though, because he talks about it a lot.

14. I guess this is a continuation of 13, but I just have to share this. I was DYING to see Fantasmic! because I hadn’t seen it since I was a kid. When I found out it would be playing while we were there, I demanded that we see it! We saw it the first day we were there…that day was particularly rough on me (to say the least) since Leia kept trying to run around and eat everything off the ground. But after seeing Fantasmic!, everything was worth it. Mal kept screaming, “OH MY GOODNESS, MAMA OH MY GOODNESS!” and he was clapping and cheering. At one point he was sitting on my lap and his whole body was TREMBLING and his heart was beating so fast! His mouth was wide open the entire time. It was so freaking magical. I’m going to cry just thinking about it.

Well, I hope I have adequately shared how awesome my son is. You all better be in love with him now. And if you’re not…just TRY to not be after you see these. 😉

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  • Jesskimo - Oh my goodness!! Malakai I love you so much! You are such a special person and I am so sad that you’re getting to big! But completely at awe of what an amazing little boy you are!<3ReplyCancel

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