A very merry 4th

Yesterday was…eventful for us. It started out normal enough. Malakai woke me up by poking me, kissing me, yelling at me, etc. Ian and I had talked about this day a few days earlier, trying to decide what we wanted to do. We both came to the conclusion that Mal would LOVE fireworks and we should definitely take him to see them. Other than that, there were TONS of events going on by the beach so we decided, “Hey! Let’s make our way down there! That’s a great idea!” …….O_o (you’ll notice I make that face a lot. I just wish you could see it in person. Maybe I’ll take a picture of it someday)

Well. When Ian finally woke up we started getting ready to go. We wanted to go down to Marina Park which is the amazing little park in Ventura that’s right on the beach and has an AMAZING playground. Seriously. There’s a boat with a mini zip lining setup. Not even joking. ANYWAY. We both told each other that it would probably be a bit busy, but that was okay. The last time we went down there was in March for Mal’s birthday party and it was not crowded at all. We mistakenly thought “it can’t get much busier than that, right? it’s such a tiny park!”.

I spent about 30 minutes getting ready. I packed a little picnic bag with water bottles, snacks. I stuffed my purse FULL of extra clothes, blankets, and diapers and wipes for BOTH kids. We were gonna have an AWESOME beach day!

Well. We get to Marina Park and both of our jaws dropped. Every inch. YES. Every INCH of this park was taken by families who decided to go to the park and BBQ by the beach. Who’d a thunk it?! The biggest BBQ day of the year, and everyone wants to spend it by the beach?! ABSURD!

Ian and I both felt a little dumb for not thinking about it. UGH. OF COURSE it would be packed like that!

Soooooooooooo, since Marina park is near the marina (go figure!) we decided to head there and see what cool things were going on. We were in the neighborhood, right?

We get there and decide not to put Mal in a stroller and just let him run free. And while it was a BLAST for a while, it eventually got tiring and frustrating. Tiny humans have too much energy and I can’t keep up! PLUS the baby girl kept getting fussy, so we didn’t stay long. Ian and I switched off with the camera while we were there, so we actually got some pictures of yours truly!

The marina is super cute, though. I really want to do an engagement session there HINT HINT. The possibilities are endless!

Now to the pictures!

Oh, and if you are wondering, we didn’t see fireworks. It was way past Mal’s bedtime and he was cranky. Plus, we kinda forgot that newborns aren’t really that crazy about loud noises. D’oh.

Hey, who’s that stud? 😉

Heeeeeyyyy! That’s ME! 😀

This is what nightmares are made of! But for some reason, Mal loved these guys! -shudders-

Unfortunately, we did not indulge in fresh fudge.

And here’s how to end the 4th of July properly in the Armstrong household:

Cheap BevMo wine. hehe.

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