Leia is one!

My baby girl turned one a couple days ago. I’m still processing how I feel about it!

Leia is our last baby. We decided long ago that we only wanted two kids and it worked out perfectly because I got my boy and I got my girl. Still, it makes me sort of sad to see how fast this year has gone by. She isn’t my teeny tiny anymore!

We had a small party for her at Marina Park in Ventura. All the kids had a blast…and Leia slept through most of it! But when she was awake, I can assure you she had a blast trying to eat things off the ground!

Here are some Leia facts before I bombard you with photos, hehe.

1. She is so sweet. She’s always happy and smiling. Everyone who meets her instantly falls in love with her!

2. She LOVES dancing. Anytime she hears music, she starts dancing. Her favorite moves are “the spin” and “the bounce”.

3. She has six teeth! And they’re the cutest little teeth ever.

4. She is starting to sign. So far she signs “please” and sometimes she’ll do “more” and “milk”. She also knows how old she is! She will hold up her little finger when you ask how old she is.

5. She loves mama, but she is definitely a daddy’s girl. When he comes home and she hears his voice, she immediately runs to him and gives him a huge smile and wants him to hold her.

6. As many of my Instagram (@alyssastrongarm) followers know, Leia LOVES shoes! She always wants to wear them and sometimes she will even fall asleep in them.

7. She loves trying on outfits and then looking at herself in the mirror, haha. She loves hats and sunglasses too!

8. Even though she sounds like a girly girl, she is still tough! She and Mal like to wrestle and play fight and it’s very rare that she cries when he knocks her down.

9. She loves when you sing to her. Every night, Ian puts her to sleep by singing “Hey Jude” to her and during the day, she LOVES when I sing to her. She’ll start laughing or dancing or clapping.

10. Even though she likes to push him out of my lap when he’s cuddling with me, she loves her big brother. She loves to hug him and she laughs at the silly things he does. Sometimes when he’s in time out, she will sneak over to him and give him hugs. She’s the sweetest!

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