Love & Marriage || Will & Megan

I am SO excited to share these photos!

It’s been a month since I last posted. What the heck, life? Why you all zooming past me and stuff? The last few months have been SO busy…and things are about to get busier! My baby boy turns 3 this month! I’m planning a big party for him, so everyone wish me luck. I might have a few grey hairs by the end of this month!

ANYWAY. I was lucky enough to second shoot this wedding at CalTech Pasadena with the fabulous Allison Maginn and I am SO thankful to her. This wedding was absolutely gorgeous and this couple was amazing! The families of both the bride and groom played a huge role in this wedding. Basically everything was handcrafted by the bride and her family or the groom and his family. It definitely put a unique touch on this couple’s special day…and that is always the BEST!

Not only was this wedding creative and beautiful, but this couple also had AMAZING taste in music! One of their friends played their first dance song, and then immediately went into “Going Out West” by Tom Waits…which happens to be one of my favorite songs EVER. It was really exciting!

Again, a HUGE thanks to Allison for bringing me along. Go check out her images of this wedding! They are fantastic! And a BIG congrats to the happy and beautiful couple!


My FAVORITE shot of the day!

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