I have been working on a few personal projects as of late. It’s really important for me to keep those creative juices flowing, especially during wedding season. It’s so easy to get swept up in editing, catching up on emails, and all the work that keeps me at my computer for hours at a time. Sometimes, it’s really nice to take a break from it all and just shoot.

One project I have been working on is something I have never really experimented with: self portraits. and if I’m being honest, that’s mostly because I am really really really uncomfortable in front of the camera.

What I began to realize though, is most people are really uncomfortable in front of the camera. I want to say that over half of my clients give me a disclaimer before I shoot them. “we’re not really photogenic!” “we don’t know what we’re doing, are you going to direct us?” “we’ve never done this before, is that going to be a problem?“. and I always tell them the same thing: do not worry about a thing. you just have fun and I promise I will get good photos. 

and I have honestly never had clients that I thought looked ugly or weren’t photogenic.

I always get sad when people criticize themselves in the photos I take of them because I truly believe that the people I photograph are beautiful. and when I hear people say ugly things about themselves, it makes me really sad.

but of course, I am guilty of saying those ugly things about myself, too.

so, with this project I am training myself to not think about the flaws and think about what I like about myself.

I liked my makeup this day. I like the way the pink in my hair is fading. I like that I have giant, awesome lips…especially since they were something I was made fun of for all throughout my childhood. I like that I have fun personality. and I like the way these photos captured all of that.

I’m excited to see where I go with this project.

here’s to loving yourself!