the sun has just come up as I write this. I’d like to say something pretentious about how wonderful it is to be awake and writing at dawn, but I’m tired and I don’t know why I’m awake so early. It’s not that romantic.

I would also like to have some deep and meaningful reason for being up so early…like, oh I had an amazing dream and I awoke with an overwhelming amount of inspiration and I just had to write/create while drinking my wild orange blossom tea. but no. my reasons aren’t very romantic either. in fact, they are downright boring. my phone has been acting up recently and it’s been weighing pretty heavily on my mind, as silly as that sounds.

it’s almost embarrassing admitting how attached I am to this thing. why do I rely on it so much? sure, social media is a big part of how I run my business. having a tiny computer at my side all day allows me to easily catch up on emails, or news stories, and even what my friends are doing (and eating) at any point during the day. but why, oh why, do I have to lose sleep over the possibility of losing that?

this week, I am going to challenge myself to not rely on my devices so much. and I may not even have a choice, really since my phone is freaking out. is that cheating? i don’t know. i’m tired. leave me alone.

enjoy vol. two this week! There’s a nice mix of classic rock + 90s rock/grunge, so it’s definitely a nice little change from vol. one.

have a great week, weirdos.