My babies [part two]

What’s that? Oh, of COURSE you want to know how my babies are doing!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted pictures of them and that’s because they keep me so busy! Leia is almost SIX months now. I can’t believe it! I feel like she was born just yesterday. I know that’s what parents always say, but hey! It’s true! Anyway, Leia is already trying to stand on her own. Not even kidding! She’s been pulling herself into the standing position for about a month now and yesterday she kept trying to let go of whatever she was holding for support. She’s incredible! I swear, she’ll be walking in no time.

Mal is his usual silly self. He’s been singing and dancing a lot more (I wonder where he gets that from…) and last week, Ian found my Hannah Montana microphone from a couple of years ago. You know, to go along with my Hannah Montana costume. Don’t judge me. Anyway. He found it and we gave it to Mal to see if he’d use it…and the little rock star hasn’t put it down since!! It’s amazing. I love that music is such a big part of his life already. Aside from singing, he loves playing my guitar and making up his own songs. Oh, and he loves pretending. The other day I found him in Leia’s walker (it’s shaped like a car) saying, “Okay mom, I go drive!” and then he “drove” off and when he stopped, I heard him say, “Hi! Ummm, I want a cheeseburger and a chocolate milk…” as if he were at a drive-thru. He’s the best!

Okay, I know you wanna see some pictures so I’ll stop rambling. There are more of Leia than of Mal…not because I love her more, but because surprisingly, she is way easier to take pictures of than Mal. He always tries to take my camera from me.

Happy Friday, everyone! I have some awesome things planned for this weekend and I can’t wait to share them with all of you.

Okay, NOW I’ll stop rambling.:)

  • Tita jesska - OH MY GOODNESS!! They are so beautiful! I love them, I love they both have their own personalities. Tita loves you babies!<3ReplyCancel

  • Jc Guzman - your kids are soo cute! I’m gonna show Jace who his first gf might be! jk kindaReplyCancel

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