My wedding

As many of you know, Ian and I did not have a wedding. I know it sounds strange, but it really wasn’t important to us at the time. Ian proposed (unexpectedly!) during a time of uncertainty in my life (lucky for him, I was definitely certain that I wanted him in my life forever! :P). My relationships with some friends and members of my family were complicated and the idea of gathering together to celebrate something important and special just didn’t seem appealing to me. Plus, I just had Malakai and I really wanted to enjoy being a mom rather than be consumed with planning a wedding.

So we ran away. Kind of. We got married in a courthouse in San Bernardino. My sister and our good friend Thomas were there. I bought a pretty, white dress from Victoria’s Secret. We said our vows, he kissed his bride, and then we went out to Claim Jumpers and drank champagne.

I know to most of you, it doesn’t seem very glamorous or romantic. But it was! Because that was the day that I got to marry the man of my dreams!

I think it worked out for the best, really. If we had a big wedding during that time, it wouldn’t have been everything I wanted. My priorities would have been so different. I wasn’t into photography so I probably would have skimped on a photographer. I wasn’t into weddings AT ALL at the time and honestly, I probably wouldn’t have even known where to start. I was never one of those girls who dreamed about their wedding day and I knew very little about them at the time (3 years is a long time. I was still primarily using MySpace!). Pinterest wasn’t around so I didn’t have such a wide variety of ideas to steal inspiration!

All in all, I like that it worked out this way. I study weddings like there will be a test on them later. I have a better idea of who we are as a couple and what’s important to us. We are definitely having a wedding (hopefully for our 5 year anniversary in 2014!) and I am super excited for it because it will be the wedding of my dreams!

I already have some ideas of things I want as far as music, colors, and the dress I want. And I know that things could change over the next couple years, but I can dream, right?

Maybe sometime in the future I’ll share some of my ideas with you all…and maybe I’ll share our proposal story one of these days, too! It’s actually really sweet.:)

and now, a couple super adorable (non-professional) wedding photos!

Yup, I still have my sunglasses on my head! 😛

Yeah, I’m very silly and I like to make faces.

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