they wanted their session at a winery. that didn’t work out.

they wanted their session at a lavender farm. lavender isn’t in bloom until july. the farm closed at 5PM. that didn’t work out.

we spent a week trying to figure out a game plan. using google street view, we all spent too much time virtually cruising down the 150 trying to find the perfect spot. they wanted outdoors. they wanted rustic. i wanted good light. and i wanted to make them happy.

we all got what we wanted in the end.

that doesn’t mean we didn’t hit any road blocks. we were trying for matilija canyon but we hit a literal road block. the road google told us to on was closed so we turned back around and were called to these beautiful open fields in ojai (they are literally in people’s backyard).

it was everything they wanted. ojai holds a special place in their hearts and they love the outdoors.

sometimes adapting is the key to a perfect engagement session.

Danielle and Steven are the kind of people who take no time at all to get comfortable in front of the camera. and that’s not to say that they were not nervous or unsure of what to expect. I think they just put each other at ease. They find peace in each other.

Thank you, Danielle and Steven. Thank you for getting in front of my camera. for adapting. and for loving each other.