Sam and Katie’s wedding took place at the cutest little B&B, the Blue Rooster Inn, which is way out in the middle of nowhere in Eugene, Oregon. Now, I have visited Oregon before, and I don’t know if this is just because I’m a Southern Californian, but there’s just something about Oregon that is so peaceful. Which is funny to say, because on their wedding took place on arguably the craziest weekend Eugene has seen: the Ducks v. Spartans game. Still, you wouldn’t really know it being out here in the country.

Katie was as calm as ever…at least, she seemed like it! I’ve never seen a more composed bride. Also, the fact that she rocked a pixie haircut and a short dress instantly proved to me that this was one rad chick. Although she and I had only spoken on the phone + via Skype, I have known Sam for a while. He and my husband go way, way back to their post-high school high desert shenanigans and we have a lot of mutual friends.

I feel so lucky to have shot this wedding. Not just because I got to travel and shoot in a new place, but because Sam and Katie are just wonderful people who have surrounded themselves with people who genuinely care about them. Katie’s bridesmaids and mom were doing everything to support Katie and make sure she was having a good time. Their friends and families helped them set everything up the day before. One of Sam’s high desert friends (and the life of every party) drove all the way from the high desert to Eugene just to be there. A friend of Katie’s had an entire entourage of people helping the coordinators break down the ceremony and set up the reception. When I told her how beautiful it looked, she just gushed over how much she loves Katie and how she’d do anything for her. It was clear to me that Sam and Katie must be really freaking awesome if this many people wanted to help them out and be there for them (not that I had any doubts about that, anyway).

Congratulations, Sam and Katie! Thank you for flying me out there and giving me this opportunity. I enjoyed every single minute!


Photographer: Alyssa Armstrong
Venue: Blue Rooster Inn
Coordinator: Green Eyed Girl Productions
Catering: Alma Catering
Flowers: Good Seed Floral Design
Event Rentals: Destination Events
Styling Rentals: Country Chic Wedding Rentals
Cake: Mary Lawson