Prewitt Wedding 06.18.11

I sat in my car for about twenty minutes blaring “I’m Gonna Be” by The Proclaimers before entering the hotel. After almost driving away from the gas station with my gas tank open, calling my husband in a panic, and shaking the entire car ride, it was pretty obvious that I was nervous. No. Terrified.

Amanda contacted me about three months ago. She hadn’t hired a wedding photographer and had seen some of my work on mutual friends’ Facebook pages and decided to take a chance on me. GULP. Despite my experience shooting “styled fashion” shoots with my friends (oh, you’ll see them…don’t worry), my knowledge and love for off-camera lighting, countless hours perusing forums, and the fact that I excelled in the photography class I took at my community college (okay, that sounded more impressive in my head…how embarrassing), this opportunity was one that could show me how much all my hard work has paid off. You see, as I mentioned here, I have never so much as second shot or assisted a wedding. Sure, I’ve done the aforementioned styled shoots with my friends, and I’ve done an engagement & portrait session…but a wedding? That’s an entirely different and intimidating beast.

When I finally entered the building and made my way to the room, I began reminding myself of everything my husband told me. You are going to do amazing. You got this! She totally knows this is your first wedding, there’s no pressure! You’re gonna be awesome! Best photographer in the world. Seriously, you’re probably going to win the award for ‘Most Phenomenal First Wedding Ever’. O_o

I got to the door and I was greeted by one of Amanda’s bridesmaids. She smiled and called out to Amanda, “You’re photographer is here!”. GULP! Photographer? Me? How do I turn my camera on?! What the heck is a camera, anyway?! Ahhhh! I am forgetting everything I know!

Amanda greeted me with a big hug. We chit chatted for a bit before I started getting ready to start shooting. After taking a few test shots and figuring out my lighting I realized something: Everyone around me is having a great time. They were talking and laughing and reminiscing…this is going to be a FUN day!

From that moment on, I realized that the day wasn’t about me getting good pictures. The day was about me capturing the amazing moments that were about to unfold. I was surrounded by people who love each other. And that is what I need to focus on. Not how nervous and scared I was.

I am so lucky that my first wedding was such a beautiful one. Obviously, the bride is drop dead gorgeous (duh). But other than that, she is SO creative! The wedding was DIY (which are my favorite kinds!) and every little detail was so beautifully put together. My favorite was the mason jars that she used for cups for her guests but they also doubled as escort cards! So cute!

Enough of my babbling, let’s see the pictures!

Ugh. You are GORGEOUS, Amanda!

Amanda’s ADORABLE little girl, Abbie. She also gave her away at the altar…I didn’t cry, I swear. 😛

This was after Justin saved her from the possible earwigs that were living in the tree branches. He is definitely a keeper!

And finally, a repost of my favorite shot of the day!

A big congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Prewitt! And a BIG thank you to them for allowing me to photograph their special day.

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