romantic photo inspiration // lucerne valley, california

Marissa reached out to me last month because she and her husband Bronson were coming out to Southern California to vacation in Big Bear. My hometown is not far from the area, but if I’m being honest I have only ventured up the mountain one time before this so I was ready for the adventure. Since Marissa is a photographer herself, she was kind enough to scope out an amazing spot for us.

Growing up near this small desert town, I did not always appreciate the scenery. The weather is pretty unforgiving, with it’s scorching hot summers and dry, cold winters. There was never much to do around town and I rarely spent time outside. Now that I live over two hours away, whenever I come back to visit I always make an attempt to explore something new. The area is so vast, and I honestly can’t imagine how many hidden gems there are out here just waiting to be discovered.

Marissa and Bronson were so excited and ready to explore the outdoors with me and I am forever grateful.

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