Top 5 First Dance Songs

It’s no secret to anyone that I love music. It’s also no secret that I love top 5 lists!

I told you all a few days ago that I already have some ideas for my wedding. And since music is such an important thing in my life, I knew that the playlist was the first thing I wanted to focus on. Having the perfect music played at my wedding is just as important to me as having the perfect dress. Maybe even more!

My ideal playlist would be one that includes an enormous variety, since that’s what I listen to. I have everything from Lady Gaga to Led Zeppelin and from Oingo Boingo to Earth, Wind & Fire. I love it ALL! Some that I’m too embarrassed to even tell you! But seriously, I want my wedding playlist to reflect what we love. And I love to dance! And I love to force Ian to dance! 😛

I have my slow love songs picked out and I’ve compiled a list of my Top 5 favorites. These are totally first dance material! And who knows, we may even surprise all of you when the time comes and bust out some swing or break dancing. We are crazy that way.


1. Heroes – David Bowie
David Bowie means so much to us. He was one of the many artists we really bonded over when we first met. I still vividly remember listening to Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars in his living room while we talked and drank Greyhounds (we were so fancy). This is my FAVORITE song by him, by far.

Fun fact: This song is about two lovers who meet under a gun turret on the Berlin Wall.

2. You Belong to Me – Carla Bruni
I don’t know if Ian even likes this song and frankly I don’t care. This song is gorrrrrgeous and I’m determined to learn it on guitar and cover it and become a YouTube sensation. Okay, maybe not the last part but this song is amazing. I know a lot of people cover this song, but Carla Bruni’s version is my favorite. Her voice is so smooth!

This would make a good processional song, too…justsayin…

3. I Will – The Beatles
Those who know me know that I am a HUGE Beatles fan! This is definitely one of my favorite Beatles songs ever. The White Album holds a lot of meaning to me…I listened to it constantly when Ian and I first met and when I hear any song from it, I’m always reminded of that time!

Plus, I’m really liking the fact that this is a short song, haha. Ian and I are definitely not the “slow dance to a really long song in front of a large group of people” types!

4. Book of Love – Peter Gabriel
Now here is a song I know Ian loves. Peter Gabriel is one of Ian’s favorites. Personally I’m not a HUGE fan of him but I do adore this song. I remember hearing it in the movie Shall We Dance when I was still in high school and I just fell in love with it! I think of all the songs on my list, this is the epitome of a wedding song! In fact, even if we don’t use this for our first dance, it will definitely be in our wedding somewhere!

5. Picture in a Frame – Tom Waits
Ahhh, Tom Waits. You knew you’d make the list, didn’t you? I know there are probably tons of people who would think I was out of my mind for including a Tom Waits song, since his music isn’t necessarily the happiest, but hey! He’s my favorite. And he is one of the very few artists that I introduced to Ian that he actually liked! This song is so simple and sweet. I cried the first time I heard it! I love that Tom Waits can do that to me.

What are some of YOUR favorite love songs?

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