The first time we met, I was a pirate and he was Indiana Jones…and just so you know, I’m a HUGE sucker for Harrison Ford! But…I was with someone else, so I didn’t spend much time talking to Ian. It was nice to put a face to the name I had heard so much for the past 2 years. You see, Ian was really good friends with my sister’s ex-boyfriend. Not ONLY that, but he was also good friends with my good friend’s boyfriend at the time. NOT ONLY THAT. His sister’s husband’s best friend is like a brother to me. Yeah, I’m totally not making this up…it was really weird that we had never met, since we had so many connections.

After that Halloween party, we ran into each other a few times at different parties here and there. Our love of Oingo Boingo was usually the topic of our brief conversations, but that was about it. Like I said, I was with someone else.

And then, that someone else broke up with me. In a text message. After two years of being together.

My life suddenly turned into this downward spiral of self-destruction. I was totally out of control. I didn’t care about anything or anyone, including myself. But what I didn’t know was that break up would end up being the best thing that has ever happened to me.

It’s weird to think about how different my life was back then. I had never cooked a meal (or anything for that matter). I had never changed a diaper. I had never watched One Piece or played Final Fantasy VII or WoW. Most importantly, I had never felt like I had a purpose.

If Ian hadn’t come into my life, not only would I not have two amazing children that I love more than anything, but I also would have never discovered my love of photography.

He has been my biggest supporter. He has posed for me when I want to play with different lighting techniques. He has watched the kids so I can do photo shoots…and he has done minimal griping when I tell him I want to spend $500 or more on camera gear.

So even though we didn’t date for years before deciding to get married or have a gigantic wedding, I know that this was meant to be. Our story might be unconventional, but it’s our story and I am so incredibly thankful that I met my perfect match.

We did a photo shoot last night, and I tried REALLY hard not to make silly faces. My new goal is to work on my modeling skills. Or I could just stay behind the camera where I belong! 😛

Oh, and our big wedding? It’s totally happening. April 27, 2014 (our 5 year anniversary). I already have my colors picked out. 😀

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