meet Chelsea and Dustin.

it’s so rare that I take photographs in Ventura. and I never really understand why. sure, this town has a lot to compete with between the beautiful beaches of Santa Barbara and the wide open fields in Ojai, not to mention the variety of locations in LA. but if you ask me, Ventura is just as beautiful as any of those places and has it’s own quiet charm.

thankfully, Chelsea and Dustin were into the idea of staying local for their engagement session.

these two are definitely my kinds of people. not only were they open to my wacky ideas, but they were excited about eating ice cream before their dinner and playing some games at the arcade. and between our mutual love for Game of Thrones, and Amanda Palmer, there was no shortage of things to talk about.

I’m so excited to shoot their wedding. And I’m really thankful for having such cool clients.